Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The 14th of August

The Indo-Naga peace process has successfully navigated the churning of Indian politics through the decades and seen continuity of several Prime Ministers and governments. This broad and sustained support towards the Naga peace process should not be undermined at this crucial juncture.
At this critical time, the Naga Political Groups must exhibit political astuteness by coming together for the common good and sit across the table to work on the convergences because we believe our aspiration towards a shared belonging as one people will begin from there. The possibilities are endless if all Nagas unite to build on it.
Our ability to stand together today would create room for us to take peaceful and democratic resolutions of all pending issues in their own time. If we can do this together, it will help us set a political roadmap and a vision for the future. This is the best guarantee for our land, the people, and for our identity as Nagas.
Issued by The Naga Rising