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Thanks to PM speech, NDPP-BJP should hang heads in shame: Theja

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PM had assured GBs of inviting NNPGs to resolve Naga Issue

Nirendra Dev 
NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 25: Contradictory to what generally local media and others have stated, eminent social activist Theja Therieh has said that he will “welcome” Prime Minister Narendra Mod’s February 24 speech at Chumoukedima vis-à-vis Naga peace talks because though indirect PM said he will keep his words.
“I welcome the Prime Minister’s speech and reference to his meeting with the Gaon Bura Federation. The Nagaland GB Federation leaders specifically had met the Prime Minister for political solution and not for anything else. The NDPP-led regime was not quite pleased about that”, Theja told Nagaland Page.
Theja maintained the crux of the Prime Minister’s speech was in the line, “Mein Gaon Bura ko jo wada kiya hae, woh waden pura karna chahta hoon (Whatever I have promised to Gaon Buras, I will like to fulfill those).”
He also said the Prime Minister’s specific commitment that more stringent steps will be taken against extortion is a “slap” on the Neiphiu Rio-led Government. “It is more of an admission about a gross failure as the same Chief Minister is seeking votes again to come back to power and the State Home Minister is BJP’s own Y Patton… I feel Modi’s remarks on extortion would have shamed any self-respecting Naga leader in power and it is time NDPP-BJP leadership should hang their heads in shame.”
“After March 2, when a new government takes charge, more stringent measures will be taken against extortion”, the Prime Minister had said.
On the role of Gaon Buras, Modi said, “When I had invited the Gaon Buras to my home in Delhi and welcomed them, they had blessed me… They blessed me so much and today also (aaj bhi) they have been continuing to bless me.”
Theja clarified, “Maybe some observers and Journalists might have missed the point. The fact of the matter is the Prime Minister made his remarks on Naga village elders deliberately and with a purpose. The GBs had played a pioneer role along with Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) to formalise the setting up of the Nagaland National Political Groups (NNPGs) in 2017 and that gave birth to the Agreed Position and Status Paper”.
“These are the solid bases to work for the final peace pact which a section of Naga leaders are trying to sabotage utterly for their selfish motives.”
It may be mentioned that besides GB body only the NTC as a civil society group had met the Prime Minister with the intent to bring NNPG at the negotiating table.
Theja also recalled, “The NTC met PM after NTC Mediation Committee successfully brought the NNPGs to a common platform and urged the Prime Minister to invite them for inclusive negotiation. This was followed by NGBF meeting with PM on August 3, 2017. The Hon’ble PM categorically assured both the delegations that he will invite the NNPGs and resolve the protracted Naga Political Issue for an inclusive solution.”
Answering a question, Theja said, “So, my moot point is, if the Prime Minister is sincere about what he has said, he will keep his words and bring in an early solution. This is what people of Nagaland State wants. Even the Government of India has acknowledged this on a number of occasions that only disgruntled elements and people from outside are harming and delaying the peace process.”
Theja also referred to the State administration serving a notice to an office bearer of GB Federation last year and maintained that such a thing was unheard in the past.