Thursday, January 28, 2021

Tetso College observes World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

Dimapur, September 10: Tetso College observed World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 led by the Department of Psychology on the theme ‘Walking Together to Prevent Suicide’ on September 10. The occasion was marked by a virtual gathering of students, teachers and participants wherein several activities and presentations were conducted by the students of the Department.
Students of BA 1st Semester Psychology Honours presented their views and researches on topics such as ‘Suicide and Media’, ‘Suicide among Young Adults’, ‘The Culture of Suicidal Behavior’ and ‘Practical Tips to help Prevent Suicide’. The students also conducted two activities in their homes and communities – the activities were to ‘Take a Minute’ to talk to their friends and families regarding suicide, and to ‘Light a Candle’ to support suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one, and to support survivors of suicide. A student also shared her experience and insights on the conversations they had with their friends and family.
The importance of spreading awareness, implementing small changes in our thinking, actions, family, and in the community at large – to be empathetic, to listen compassionately and let go of our prejudices and stigmatization of victims and families of suicide were highlighted during the webinar.
Among others, media personnel being responsible, society being empathetic, de-stigmatization of seeking professional help, and the community being proactive in reaching out to people contemplating suicide were also discussed at large which are necessary to prevent suicide.
The program focused on the need for creating more awareness at the every level – the community, the school, the college, and within the family. A video compilation of pictures by students observing the candle lighting ceremony in remembrance of suicide victims, in support of suicide survivors and suicide prevention was also shown during the webinar.
Meanwhile, the session was moderated by Imlimenla N Longkumer while the opening remarks were given by Nouzhienino Peseyie, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology. The student presenters were Hyulozu Semp, Mengubeinuo Solo, Neimenuo Chadi, and C. Moe Nekong while the presentation of students’ activities was led by Wondanglo Lotha, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology. (Page News Service)