Terming Naga issue as “political problem” is wrong: Adinno Phizo

Terming Naga issue as “political problem”  is wrong: Adinno Phizo

Kohima, May 16: Naga National Council (NNC) President, Adinno Phizo while reaffirming that there is no common history between Nagas and Indians, today said terming the Naga situation as “political problem” is wrong.
Addressing Nagas during the observation of the 67th anniversary of Naga Plebiscite Day organised by Naga National Council at Peace Camp, Chedema, Phizo recalled that almost cent percent Nagas declared not to join India in Naga Voluntary Plebiscite which took place on May 16, 1951.
The event is held to observe the day in 1951 when the NNC conducted a plebiscite with 99.9 per cent of Naga people opting for sovereignty of Nagaland but the Centre rejected the proposal.
“We are a nation by our own right, not given to us by others. Nagas are living in their own country- no connection with India at any time. Nagas are not demanding anything from India, the bargaining is not there”, Adinno Phizo said.
“They (India) always wanted to show the outside world something to compromise between India and Nagaland in all these years. The strange thing is that there is no honest Indian among a billion people,” she said
She said that though Nagas are living in our own country, the Indian government still did not withdraw her army from Nagaland, instead had repeatedly imposed the infamous Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 and surrounded Nagaland till today. In this, she said “we know we are a small nation but a big nation bullying a small one cannot be worthy of its stature.”
Terming the ‘Framework Agreement’ signed on August 3, 2015 as ‘not a good sign’, she alleged that at present, the Indian government is using NSCN-IM to bring division in the (Naga) country and though some of them have very little knowledge about Naga history, they have made them agree to have a ‘framework agreement’ for more than two years and kept it a secret.
FGN Kedahge Viyalie Metha, AZ Punyü and Thepfulhouvi Solo also addressed the gathering. Chaired by CEC NNC member Kolezo Chase the programme commenced with invocation by Rev. Savito Nagi. Special numbers were presented by Old Minister Hill Women Prayer Fellowship, Kohima and Chedema Baptist youth. Sano Vamuzo pronounced the benediction. (Page News Service)