Temjen Imna interacts with Ao community in Delhi

Temjen Imna interacts with  Ao community in Delhi

Dimapur, July 18: Minister of Higher Education and Technical Education, Temjen Ima Along interacted with Aos of Delhi at Nagaland House, New Delhi on July 18. The meeting was also attended by Dr Longrineken, Advisor, Law & Justice, Border Affairs, Treasuries & Accounts.
Along expressed the need for Nagas to come together instead of staying ‘apart’, and that Aos should play a pivotal role with the realization that God has “blessed the Aos so that they bless others”.
On the status of Higher and Technical Education in Nagaland, Ayimla Pongen, Documentation Officer in JNU talked about the need of infrastructure in Nagaland colleges. Along assured that he is working, with other aspects, to enhance library books and develop digital library for Government colleges in Nagaland.
Recognizing the need of research in the state, Dr Walunir suggested that the Ministry give directive to colleges that every department organize at least one seminar or conference in a year and that every college run at least one academic journal. Walunir added that this exercise will create academic environment in the college campuses and teachers can be engaged in academic aspects and issues.
A student leader and civil services aspirant, Omajem asked if the Government of Nagaland can establish an Examination Center of Nagaland Civil Services Examination in Delhi to which the Minister responded that this will be placed as an agenda with the Government of Nagaland.
Rev. Dr. Alemrenba, Pastor, Delhi Ao Baptist Church (DABC) highlighted about the evangelistic and other services of the church towards students, young professionals, Ao families and Ao-in-laws in the city and the way some Ao churches from Nagaland are sponsoring some of the activities. Lanu Yaden, Deacon DABC and vice principal (Music) Mt. Carmel Schools, spoke on placement service of DABC and also the groundwork carried out with their parent body in Nagaland for city ministry.
Along explained about projects that are in the pipeline being pursued by his ministry and other ministries of Government of Nagaland. To this end, he welcomed constructive and productive suggestions and advises to jointly build a better Nagaland. The interaction also delved into possibilities of getting Central and international schemes and funds.
The talk was attended by representatives from Delhi Ao Senso Telongjem, Delhi Ao Baptist Church, Delhi Ao Students’ Union and Aos from medical, academics, social service, research and security backgrounds. (Page News Service)