Saturday, April 10, 2021

‘Tell a new story concert’ held at Kisama

Dimapur, December 5: As part of the Hornbill Festival, “Tell a new story concert” was organised particularly for Naga women artist. The concept behind the show is simple – it is empowering to see a woman in control.
Taking the Hornbill Festival into account, this was the perfect platform to showcase musical talents and inspire young women to follow their dreams, making them identify their niche each time they experience a new story.
Not many people realise how impactful women’s representation in such big platforms can be, which can add transformation for the musical community. It is vital to see diverse range of women on stage and with this initiative the people of Nagaland will see the evolving age of modern music, said an official release.
Some of the well known Naga female artists who enthralled the audience with their musical talents were Renbe, Muluzolu Nyekha, Manen, Kekhrie Ringa, Virie, Mhonbeni Khuvung, Mengu Soukhrie, Daisies and Honya Konyak.
(Page News Service)