Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Teenage lovers die by suicide in Chessore

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TUENSANG, AUGUST 30: A boy and a girl, who were reportedly in love, allegedly died by suicide, by hanging inside a waiting shed in the outskirts of Chessore village. Their decomposed bodies were found hanging together inside the shed on August 27.
The girl, 16-year old, was the youngest in her family, and is survived by her father and 3 elder siblings. The boy, an 18-year old, was also the youngest in his family, and is survived by his parents and siblings.
According to sources, the two teenagers, who wanted to get married immediately, took the extreme step after their parents told them to wait for sometimes until they reached the legal age to get married.
Reportedly after their parents asked them to wait for some years to get married, the two dejected teenage lovers left their respective homes on August 25, and had been missing since then till their dead bodies were found on August 27.
Sources said the parents and relatives of the two teenagers have been searching for them since they went missing. Some villagers found their dead bodies in the waiting shed and immediately informed the Police.
Upon request by the family members of the deceased teens, the bodies were not sent for post mortem but taken to the hospital for necessary formalities.
Police sources said no FIR or missing report was filed in the Police Station during the period they went missing.
It may be mentioned that any person/s in depression or trauma can contact the respective district SAKHI or women helpline for counseling. SAKHI helpline for villages or areas under Tuensang District is 8974069029, or one call women helpline number 181.
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