Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Technological drawbacks in global array

We tend to believe often times than not, humans have marvelled atop in technology- what further savvy tech lies ahead other than iPhone and android, supersonic jets, quantum computers, satellites in space, prototype moulds of AI- to be put for optimizing our lives at its core efficiency. We arrive at this conclusion because we do not virtualize the invisible spectrum of reality comprising of infinite potential in abundance. We are swayed by the basic visualization of our environment that is attuned primarily to our senses by default. We see the 3 dimensional spatial physics and fixate our dynamics as the only derivative possible in reality with geared conviction and faith. Well, the truth behind our untapped potential is far from our closed boundary of perception. One basic example is: what humans perceive to be ‘bright’ and ‘dark’ is either the presence of the visible light spectrum (vibgyor) or the absence of it (information wise). Regardless, there are multitude light spectrum beyond infrared and ultraviolet chromatic wavelength that evades the eyesight of humans – not to mention, the perplexity of electromagnetic fields spread throughout space sheet. Failure to acknowledge in streamlining the ‘mainstream narrative’ of ‘technical information’ among avid enthusiasts and aficionados, to the platters of common men in basic vocabulary and mediums has also contributed to the drawback of technology and the impending intricacy of its aftermath.
Information helps us to identify the accurate layering behind the working and framework of nature that leads to unbridled joy and fulfillment of purpose from our existential paranoia.
While some folks may feel something wizardry if not unfathomable mechanism of gadgetry takes place inside a mobile phone that enables people to communicate over vast distances, the truth is, they fail to visualize the evidentiary existence of the EM field which is the sole reason behind the possibility to pull off this feat [This is just a basic explanation, there are more factors involved which have been debunked, deciphered and hence enhanced the process by scientists]. That being said, the question “is technology failing us?” has rather a contrasting answer, viz, we are failing technology and ultimately our own paraphernalia on this galaxy.
A well integrated technological culture serves multipurpose energy conservation and efficiency that strides along the linear track of human personal development and growth. While unmeasured integrated stations outburst into turmoil conditions that’ll end up into rather abysmal disappointment. Technology has left an exponential imprint in the texture of harnessing, tripping and mining energy across the dimension of production reservoirs among advanced nations that transcends along the harmonic skewering of personal growth, but many states and territorial areas of African and Indian subcontinent witnesses lack of facility to join the convoy. It would be madness to assume so in any deliberate attempt to par the irregularity in this equation, even though the sentimental hope and humanity persists among all living souls.
It only leads to utter disappointment knowing advanced citizens are exposed to overwhelming technological supply while most third world citizens are deprived from the basic governmental amenities and facilities; food, health and education to say the least.
Can an attempt be made to sanction technological canvas to every global citizenry? The practical answer to this is more political than simply awarding a literal figure of wishful ‘kumbaya’ ‘yes’. Only a true political medium that is based on ‘understanding’ like Einstein once quoted, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding,” can create suitable political atmosphere for technology to transcend human growth, and this discards blind agreement and faith as well, which would yield momentary results but corrode off with time when problems (both subjective and objective) compiles during the course – this would only lead to anarchy and total collateral breakdown of the hierarchy. Perhaps a philosophical measuring can exceptionally transact the technological derivatives to every community and countering the impending aftermath as well.
Today we are moving at a sufficient technological pace, come tomorrow, what happens? Our individual inclination should transcend beyond the external commotion while in compartmental essence push forward the collective agenda. Staying idle is a luxury lost the moment we evolved to engineer sophisticated class of civilization, unless some section decides to regress or stay in a traditional ecosystem. The ethnic Sentinelles of North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal is a classic example of people group who rejected many a time the compensation of the Indian government to introduce them into the threshold of civilization.
Come tomorrow, to escape the clutches of the aftermath is to transgress further, this time more simultaneously. There is the presupposition it would take another hundred years to scale up to type 1 civilization, but recent observations tells otherwise. Dyson Sphere in tactical fractions alleviate the chances of harnessing sufficient energy that would enable more research and breakthroughs more rapidly. These thought experiments catalyze the improbabilities into certainty that is ‘all encompassing’ and reduce the drawbacks to optimally engineered contingencies.
T Y Tikhir

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