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Team Dimapur members visit Ganesh Nagar

Dimapur, June 25: Nagaland Agriculture Production Commissioner, Y Kikheto Sema who is also incharge of COVID-19 activities in Dimapur, along with Deputy Commissioner Dimapur Anoop Kinchi IAS, Commissioner Police Dimapur, Rothihu Tetseo IPS, visited the institutional Quarintine Center Ganeshnagar today (June 25) and interacted with the police officials manning the QC. The team also visited the rooms and the blocks where the returnees are kept.
Interacting with the police officials, Kikheto Sema described COVID 19 as something new to everyone, where Nagaland along with India and the world has been working tirelessly everyday for the past 3 to 4 months for containing community transmission. Dimapur being the main entry point has been catering to the returnees arriving by road, train and flight ever since the exodus of returnees began and yet everyday is a new experience where all the frontline workers are trying to adapt with different ground situation, Sema maintained.
He further mentioned that Dimapur was shouldering the major responsibility of the state and is currently managing 51 institutional Quarantine Centers and about 25 Paid Quarintine Centers totaling to 76 including Ganeshnagar which is the biggest in terms of number of beds.
Further, he said that the Government of Nagaland on hearing the pleas of the stranded Naga people in various parts of the country, facilitated their return through special trains, hired buses and provision of entry through owned arranged vehicles and till date more than 15000 stranded people has been brought back to Nagaland.
Sema expressed gratitude to all the frontline workers who has been ceaselessly working, to meet the day to day needs arising from the 76 QCs. He also mentioned that even before the stranded people arrived, the frontline workers have been working tirelessly for preparation of the QCs ensuring that facilities were provided for the convenient placement of the Returnees.
“All these have been done and is being provided under the noble providence of the state Government free of cost and perhaps Nagaland is one of the few States where personal human touch is being given from all aspects,” Sema noted. Our Naga society will have to take away from this pandemic, a lesson that unless we work together the very fabric of the society would be shattered, he further observed.
Referring to the recent fiasco at Ganeshnagar, Kikheto said that there has been daily incidences in the QCs whereby Sema requested the inmates to be patient with the administration and frontline workers and asked them for resolving any issues in a peaceful manner.
He said that the action initiated was not to harm anyone but to control the huge number of people sensing threat of endangering lives of frontliners as well as the other inmates and to avoid unwanted situation. Sema assured that most of the inmates of Ganeshnagar QC who are Bengaluru Returnees would be released latest by this week as most of their testing has been completed.
Kikheto and DC Dimapur acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the police for rendering their tireless and selfless services in the fight against COVID 19.
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