Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tale of health care workers in far-flung areas

KiphireDimapur, May 16: Though Nagaland has been protected from the Covid-19 infection until now, the state has been gearing up every machinery to prevent the onset and also to tackle if the worst happens. All the districts have been put on toes with the medical department, district administration, and police establishment on the forefront.
In the face of Covid-19 pandemic, a report sent by District Media Office, CMO Office, Kiphire, Haichikambe Pame narrated tales of healthcare workers working in various Health & Wellness Centres (HWC), Kiphire. These healthcare workers in far-flung areas have had to adapt to roles that they did not train for to achieve desirable clinical outcomes on their patients.
“It is for the love of my people as well as my commitment towards the duty,” said Supongsungla, a nurse at HWC Kisetong, when queried about the reason that made her perform duties everyday; while, CHO of HWC Purrur, I Lolenyangla divulged, “It’s my love and sympathy that makes me perform my duty every day.”
Meanwhile, Vesutolu Rhakho, an ANM nurse at HWC Chomi, maintained, it is her pleasure to carry out her assigned duties while delivering services to the best of her ability.” She shared her happy moment too: “The institutional delivery took place at HWC Chomi on April 29 which was successful without any difficulties. The mother and newly born baby are in good conditions; besides, the mother and the family members were ecstatic as they were wishing for a baby girl.”
Stating this kind of event inspired health worker like her to continue serving despite all odds, Rhakho said though she is serving in one of the remotest parts of the state bordering Myanmar, wherein, she could hardly find a vehicle for hiring, she maintained, “I am finding pleasure in travelling by motorbike to perform my duties despite poor road condition”.
Asked about the cooperation of public, the health workers were keen to acknowledge the village councils and the public of their respective villages. CHO of HWC Anatongre, Viseno Dolie, revealed that public has been very cooperative.
“Having learnt about the danger of Covid-19, the public are cooperating by maintaining social distance, staying at home, maintaining hand washing technique, and increasing use of mask,” she said.
The health workers assured with the public cooperation they are motivated to overcome the pandemic. With the underlying mission, healthcare workers have allied with their village councils and set up village quarantine centres in the villages, including purchasing of some first aid emergency medicines through VDB fund to deal with the pandemic.
Backing the healthcare workers, Village Health Committee Chairman of Purrur, Asokhiung reported that the staff of HWC Purrur, under the guidance of CHO, Lolenyangla has been functioning to the best of their ability. “We the public are cooperating with them and we are working hand in hand to prevent the worst,” the chairman stated, while adding that the village has already set up quarantine facility.
Meanwhile, Village Council Chairman of Kisetong, Liphunki conveyed that the public of Kisetong are giving their best to obey the guidelines and directives given by the healthcare workers and they are assisting them in the best way possible. He lauded the selfless work of the health workers stating they are visiting even house to house treating patients with rhinorrhea, fever, and other mild illnesses.
All in all, health workers continue to be a ray of hope by improvising with whatever means and resources available at their disposable.
Supongsungla was at the right side of optimism while stating, ‘problems will continue to exist till the pandemic is over, adjusting with whatever is available in the HWC’.
These health workers have humanity as their prized-possession, whatever the circumstances. CHO of HWC Phelunger, Shijungsangla stated, “Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return and you will never be disappointed.” She also credits her mom for teaching her the virtue of being a missionary rather than just fulfilling the duty. (Page News Service)