Take responsibility to hasten solution of pol problem: Jamir tells Cong

Take responsibility to hasten solution of pol problem: Jamir tells Cong

Kohima, JunE 7: Ex-Chief Minister and former Governor, Dr S C Jamir today called upon the Congress in Nagaland to take the responsibly in hastening solution to the vexed political problem of the Nagas.
“As the oldest and the grandest political party (Congress), let us take the responsibly in hastening the solution of the Naga political issue,” Jamir said while addressing the “Leaders’ motivational talk on alliance (Biblical perspective) conducted by Apostle Rev. Luoliehu Yimsong at Congress Bhavan here.
“Appreciating the political, social reality and prevailing contemporary political economic realities of the countries we should spell out clearly our stand on the ongoing political dialogue between the Naga political groups and Central government,” Jamir said.
“Settlement must come as long as this problems continues and therefore to have a new progressive and enlighten beginning, we should put all our minds to resolve this problem with the government of India to the satisfaction of all concern,” he said.
Expressing that the Congress may not involve directly, he however said, “As a national political party we can use our influence. Let us be pragmatic, realistic and be truthful rather than gaining favour from groups, we should not compromise”.
Further maintaining that a meeting like this immediately after the election is a post mortem, he said that “our party has failed despite much of our efforts and now we have to discuss what should be our strength in future”.
“As a people and as members of Congress we are going through some trying times,” the veteran politician said, adding, “We are terribly shocked on how the grand old national party has been reduced to such a small minority in the house of the 543 people”.
Remarking that one should know the kind of disease which has affected the party, he said “due to the infighting among our people, we cannot present a united voice”.
He also said that Congress require very strong leadership in the states across the country. “In the absence of strong leadership we have failed, and we have not been able to garner the support of the people as we have not been able to project the image, identity and personality of Congress party”, he said.
On the routing of Congress this LS election, Jamir said, “Indian people are now very clear they want strong leader and stable government”.
“In the current election, they were looking to leadership, leader who is stable and who can lead this vast country. No one could match the personality of the current prime minister of India,” he said.
Jamir opined that Congress sold only one idea (during LS poll campaigns), and “when that was rejected we have no other alternative and that’s the reasons we failed to garner the support of the people”.
“We, as Congress members we are for democracy, secularism, socialism and we believe unity in diversity, and on this very principle, Indian nationhood stood but something has entered into Indian politics and now we are doubting secularism and socialism has lost its charms,” he said.
Meanwhile, expressing his mind for Congress to regain the strength in Nagaland, Jamir suggested strengthening of “our kitchen first”.
“All our grassroots organizations are no more and unless we pay attention to reorganization at grassroots level, we can go nowhere and to start we should know the mood of the people,” he said.
Expressing that Naga people don’t listen to lectures, don’t read manifesto because they want only money, he said, “Materialism has blindfolded the entire Naga population while candidates can be sold and purchased as a commodity”.
This is the reflection of politics in Nagaland, he said while questioning, “Where is the political morality?”
They (Nagas) don’t discuss issues and problems, he said, but at the same also justified saying that “in a poor state like ours, when people are poor and hungry naturally they will think only about their stomach”.
Expressing that many Naga leaders think about only for today, he said that is the situation in which Congress has to formulate, envision a new vision for the people of Nagaland.
“Congress is running away from the main problems,” he said while maintaining “shall we not, as a political party serve the people and prepare the future and also commit ourselves in the service of the people as members of a political party”.
Nonetheless, he encouraged the Congress functionaries saying “Don’t think Congress will die. It will come out again. No storm or changes can uproot the Congress party in the country”.
He said that in order to emerge as a leading political party in Nagaland, “we need to come out with new approach to Naga problems, economic problem, social transformation, rejuvenation and reorganization of educational system”.
“Come out with a new direction for Naga, which also requires a deep study. It is time we should initiate and evolve new approach to all the problems which are happening for the last so many years,” he said.
The veteran politician, who ruled the state for five term as Chief Minister said, “Naga people want something new, something very clear”.
Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee president, K. Therie while accepting the defeat in the Lok Sabha and 26-Aonglenden A/C bye-poll said Congress fought on the issues which the party believed must be protected to defend the identity of the future generation.
Therie strongly reiterated that though defeated, the Congress cannot compromise with communal propagandas of the BJP.
Candidates for the Lok Sbaha election K. L. Chishi and 26-Aonglengden, Alemjongshi also spoke on the occasion. (Page News Service)