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Indo-Naga political talks concluded not deadlocked: WC, NNPGs

On 30th Nov. 2023, local dailies carried a news item in which the Nagaland Chief Minister Mr. Neiphiu Rio reportedly said the talks between GoI and Nagas are deadlocked. The opinion is misleading and a disservice to the people of Nagaland because the then Governor, the constitutional head, had announced in the floor of the assembly in 2021, that political negotiations with all negotiators had concluded. It has been confirmed that the position of GOI is clear and it is committed to ushering in honorable and acceptable solution to the...
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Time for Naga people to take a firm decision: WC, NNPGs

The visuals of Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, on the evening of 3rd August 2015, televised nationwide, welcomed IM leadership to the national mainstream. The reciprocal warmth exchanged then, did not indicate any unfinished business, let alone Naga flag or constitution because it was no rocket science to the Naga people that the group was joining Indian national mainstream, having successfully concluded the talks. Ridiculous explanations and interpretation of the FA by IM group simply rolls off like water from the duck's back. The FA confirms the...
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Crime of the highest order if ENPO matter devalue Indo-Naga political issue: WC, NNPGs

There is a group of people, mostly retired politicians and bureaucrats from Eastern Naga People's Organisation (ENPO) area who have secretly drafted a proposal, collaborating with Indian agents, and submitted to the Government of India (GoI). Among many, two points will invite serious repercussion. 1. The present National Workers from ENPO areas are all misguided and anti-social elements and when ENPO issue is resolved with GoI, all of them will be made to surrender along with arms. The leaders will be provided with one licensed arms each. 2. After ENPO/GoI...
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WC, NNPGs statement on Manipur turmoil

The image of Government of India as a tolerant, secular and vibrant democracy will never be the same again. The epicentre is Manipur but the tremor is being felt in the U.S, EU parliament and around the world. The carnage, destruction and death in Manipur State is unprecedented in post independent India. WC, NNPGs sees that the body and soul of the so-called mother India lay tattered, disrobed, defiled, desecrated by her own children. Those meant to protect India's democracy in Manipur have failed, sold their souls to party politics...
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Isak Sumi led NSCN under official CF Agreement With GOI: WC, NNPGs

Having ascertained from the competent MHA, GOI sources in the know-how of the Indo Naga peace process, WC, NNPGs is constrained to put on public record this relevant fact in order to dispel rumours and propaganda being spread by anti-peace elements. Despite unfortunate internal debacle in the NSCN set-up between Khango Konyak and Isak Sumi, it is to be noted that NSCN/GPRN led by Col.(Retd) Isak Sumi and LuyanbaYimkhiung remains intact and status quo continues to be maintained in connection to ceasefire agreement with the GOI. Meantime, the status or...
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WC, NNPGs & UNC meet

“Strongly emphasize on peace & peaceful co-existence” DIMAPUR, JUNE 8: The WC, NNPGs and the United Naga Council (UNC), Manipur...
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