Sunday, June 23, 2024


Trump 2

From one lie to another

WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 7: Even for President Trump, it was an imagined version of reality, one in which he was not...

Obama relishes throwing punches at Trump on behalf of Biden

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 29: Former President Barack Obama bounded off the stage in Philadelphia last week after his debut as Joseph R Biden Jr.'s 2020 battering ram and pronounced himself pumped ~ and even a bit delighted at the chance to troll his troll, President Trump."Oh man, that felt good," Obama told a friend in a phone call ~ and he let Biden's staff know that the ungainly format of the event, a "drive-in rally" where he addressed hundreds of supporters in cars in a stadium's parking lot, had worked...

Obama mocks Trump in fiery speech

NEW YORK, OCTOBER 23: Former President Barack Obama made a fiery first in-person campaign appearance on behalf of Joseph R...
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