Sunday, June 4, 2023



Confused state

Traffic disorder is not new to Kohima or Dimapur. It is more severe on Mondays than other week days. Here let's take Kohima as an example. For almost a decade now Kohima roads are full of confusion. The explosive growth of vehicles is quickly becoming a serious problem for us. But it is more a people created problem. The messy traffic on Kohima roads instead of efficiency has slowed down the pace. Very often traffic gridlocks significantly contribute to air and noise pollution in the city. The loss of time...

Traffic chaos

Rapid growth in the use of private motor vehicles over the last few years is creating serious problems of congestion in our city and towns. This congestion is creating horrendous traffic jams. The loss of time and the mental agony as well as physical stress is stealing our productivity. The burning of extra fuel, with air and noise pollution all along increasing, are fast becoming major health problems for us. This is diminishing the quality of our life and causing a huge national loss. By the time the widening of...
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