Sunday, May 19, 2024



Sun-tan in Monsoon

Shahnaz Husain Everyone loves the monsoon season. Maintaining beautiful skin when the heaven pours is a challenge. Pollution, dirt, grime and the harmful UV rays of the sun are the main reason why your skin is prone to damage during the monsoon season. Often we think that if it is raining outside, then what is the use of applying sunscreen, but dangerous rays like UVA and UVB can tan your skin even from clouds. Since the sun is playing hide and seek these monsoons, our skin is even more susceptible...

Herbal remedies for sun-tan in monsoon

Shahnaz Husain Many people skip applying sun screen during the monsoon season because they believe the dark, grey skies won't have the same damaging effect as a bright summery one. If you're under the impression that there's no sun amid the cloudy weather, then you couldn't be more wrong. Even if you do not see sunrays in the monsoon, they affect your skin. Simply put, as long as there is daylight enough to distinguish the time of day from night, there is sunlight. And if there is sunlight, there are...