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Tips to keep your makeup intact in summer

Shahnaz Husain Seasons change, and so should your makeup routine. Applying makeup, in general, can be difficult. But applying it on a sweltering hot day-well, that's a real challenge. The toughest job in summer is to keep your makeup intact in the scorching heat. With the sun blazing right upon us, your look will have to stand up to high temperatures. While we don't have any control over the weather, we can definitely make some significant changes in our makeup routine to adjust according to the season to prevent makeup...

Clay masks to cool skin this summer

Shahnaz Husain Summers are here, and it's time for all of us to change our skincare game. As the weather changes, so does your skin. It's not just heat exhaustion that you should be worried about during the heatwave. It can have several effects on the skin. In this scorching heat, your dermal layer needs hydration more than ever..With the extra heat and humidity, the skin actually produces more sebum (oils), resulting in oily-feeling skin. From brightening up your skin to restoring your skin's natural balance and much more, clay...

Face packs to get rid of sun tan during summer

Shahnaz Husain Summer has arrived and most of us are excited tostep out for workouts, meet friends, and take that much-needed vacation. On the other hand, stepping out on a sunny day can result in some serious sun tan as a result of unprotected exposure to the sun's rays. Skin tanning is one of the most common and severe problems during summer when the sun's heat is more intense. The risk rises if tanning leads to sunburn While sunscreen, on most days, can be your savior, it isn't always fully...

How to avoid cracked heels during hot summers

Shahnaz Husain Summers are long, hot and dry and cracked heels are a common problem. Dry skin on your feet is caused by various reasons but cracked heels also referred to as heel fissures develop mainly due to dehydration, extremely hot conditions plus pressure from walking and it's really common. About 30% of adults experience cracked skin on their feet. This can occur in both adults and children and seems to affect women more often than men. If you've been outside barefoot, wears open-back shoes as we call them in...

Cold Facial during Summer

Shahnaz Husain Looking to chill out in the hot season? Well, your face does, too! The heat is on the rise. When the weather changes, the needs of the skin also change.That means we're constantly on the look-out for treatments that will keep us cool. Applying ice to skin for beauty purposes is known as cold therapy . It's routinely used in the treatment to eliminate puffiness, reduce oiliness,ease acne and boost the skin's healthy glow. Cold facials are especially beneficial for summer days. With sunburn, inflammation, redness and acne...

Homemade cucumber facial mist for summers

Shahnaz Husain Looking fresh and glowing all day long can be quite a struggle, especially in summers when we have to deal with dry and dehydrated skin.. Well, it is not easy to deal with pollution, dirt and oil due to continuous exposure to harsh sunlight/ UV radiations . It is hard to maintain a fresh face with severe environmental conditions during summer time . There's nothing quite like a refreshing face mist in the summertime. Facial sprays are a great way for hydrating, reviving, and brightening skin throughout the...

Summer to monsoon – traditional skin care guide

Shahnaz Husain Monsoon season is officially here. The word monsoon is derived from the Arabic word “Mausim,” which means season. The term “monsoon” describes a seasonal wind shift that brings moisture to an ordinarily dry area.Everybody waits for the drizzling drops to enjoy the aroma of wet soil, green trees, blossom flowers, cool breeze, and hot food. The first showers are here and the humidity in the environment can cause several skin issues due to the high moisture content in our environment. The sweat on your skin can catch pollutants...