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Home Remedies for Prickly Heat

Shahnaz Husain  The common summer irritant prickly heat is back as temperatures rise. Prickly heat, also known as heat rash can turn out to be a nightmare in summer. Heat rash is a painful skin condition that often occurs in hot weather.  A heat rash occurs when excessive perspiration clogs the skin pores and the sweat cannot get to the surface of the skin giving rise to bacterial infection resulting in blisters or small red round bumps that prick or sting the skin causing irritation and inflammation. Prickly heat rashes...

Battling Body Odour?

Shahnaz Husain Summer is here and so is the season of excessive sweating and body odour. With the heat and humidity rising every day, being sweaty and smelly is a big fear for many people. Body odour is a common concern for both men and women as our bodies start sweating in response to hot and humid weather conditions. However strong body odour can negatively affect your quality of life, making you feel embarrassed, self-conscious, and even ashamed. Body odour, although it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, is a completely...

Tips to avoid melting makeup in summer months

Shahnaz Husain It's summertime and to keep makeup intact in the scorching heat is a big task. With the sun blazing right upon us, The severe heatwave and sweat often lead to bad body odour, melting foundation, sticky skin and sweat tricking down your face. There's nothing worse than spending time perfecting your look only to have it slide off your face the moment you step outside. The harmful rays can not only melt your make-up and end up making you look more dull but they can also damage your...

Milk for Hair and Skin

Shahnaz Husain Milk, a common household item, has been used for many centuries as a natural beauty product. Its benefits for skin have endured the test of time. Milk consists of nourishing and moisturising properties. It helps in maintaining the health of your skin. It also helps in treating most of your skin concerns. It's packed with vitamins A and D, as well as lactic acid. Some of these components are popular skin care additives. Drinking milk can also contribute to healthy, radiant skin. Milk is considered a miracle drink...

Ayurvedic remedies to keep healthy eyes

Shahnaz Hussain Now that summer is here, we're all ready to spend as much time as possible having fun in the sun. Most of us know that too much sun can cause sunburn and skin damage. But did you know that the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can also harm your eyes? UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or indoor artificial rays, can damage the eye's surface tissues as well as the cornea and lens to almost all ocular structures. The sun releases energy (radiation) in many forms. The sunlight we...

Botox for Hair

Shahnaz Husain Hair Botox, this non-invasive treatment has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to treat a variety of hair concerns such as frizziness, split ends, and lack of shine. Hair botox' is a term used to describe a hair treatment that aims to rejuvenate and restore damaged and broken hair fibres. The hair on your head loses fullness and elasticity as it ages, just like your skin due to pollution, lifestyle, stress and heat on strands. It's perfect for those with dry, brittle, and color-damaged hair....

Kimchi for health and glowing skin

Shahnaz Husain Love spicy food? Want a healthier gut? Are you tempted? There's nothing like indulging in a meal that tastes sour, salty, and zingy and is full of numerous beauty benefits, right? Fermented food Kimchi is full of the good bacteria responsible for keeping things running smoothly in our gut and has gained a well-deserved reputation for making your outer appearance appear excellent as well. Kimchi is a salted, fermented vegetable dish that's a staple in Korean cuisine. It was invented thousands of years ago as a way to...

Beauty Benefits of Lemon

Shahnaz Husain If you are frustrated over high cost of beauty parlous and dermatologist in treating skin and hair beauty problems than all you need to do is to squeeze out some fresh lemon juice from your own kitchen and drink lemon water daily and also apply it on your skin also. The sunny yellow fruit will provide smooth , flawless and radiant skin by removing dead cells and act as a natural lightener for hair and skin by regulating acidity and eliminating fat . Lemon is rich in Vitamin...

Play organic Holi with Natural colours

Shahnaz Husain Holi is one of the most loved and zestful festivals celebrated in India with immense joy and enthusiasm every year. Traditionally the Holi colours were created with naturally helpful ingredients like hibiscus flowers, henna leaves, Kesar, sandalwood and more. These natural colours are not just good for your skin, hair and eyes but even cleanse and clear the dead skin. As Holi arrives in the season of spring, the Gulal colour was made of plants and flowers that blossomed during this month. Holi gained popularity with time and...

Tips to play safe Holi

Shahnaz Husain The most awaited summer festival is upon us! Holi is here and the excitement is at an all-time high because of all the fun that comes along with it. Holi holds a special place in everyone’s heart. The sacred festival brings an opportunity to connect, rejoice and rejuvenate. Down the ages, people have been delighted to splash colours on their near and dear ones to celebrate the occasion with gaiety and fun. The use of colours during Holi is not just for fun. The traditional Holi colours were...
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