Saturday, July 24, 2021



Gunmen abduct 30 students from school in northwest Nigeria

Lagos (Nigeria), March 12: Gunmen have attacked a school in northwestern Nigeria and kidnapped at least 30 students just weeks after a similar attack in the region, authorities said Friday. The latest abduction took place around 11:30 p.m. Thursday at the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, Afaka, in the Igabi local government area of Kaduna state, police said.About 30 students, a mix of males and females, are yet to be accounted for, the state's commissioner for International Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, said in a statement. Several staff of...

Academic issues

Every year after the declaration of Board results, we often hear a lot of noise about the falling educational standards. The entire discourse ultimately precipitates in denouncing the government institutions with the buck finally stopping at the teachers in such institutions. Unmindful of the fact that he is a minor actor, the teachers are blamed for everything in the flop show. Subsequently like the proverbial sacrificial goat, these teachers find themselves defenseless and voiceless. There are many tragic elements in the sad story and elaborating each element needs a separate...

Change who?

Why do we send our children to school? To learn to become agent of change. Ideally this should be the answer. Alas, the most inspirational phrases aptly highlighting the critical importance of learning in life, have now become hollow slogans. Often we criticize, and rightly so, that teachers have lost their moorings and are money oriented with little or no regard for imparting knowledge. However the teachers are not the only culprits, we the parents and society as a whole also need to seriously introspect. How many of us want...

Think different

While growing up, we were told that by going to school we are securing our future. By gaining education we will get a degree, diploma and certificates, which have been and unfortunately still continue to be the sole purpose of it. A mere means to make a living with a fat salary. All throughout our school years, our teachers poured loads of information and traditional trash into our mind. Like a machine, it fed us with information, and we accepted it as a touchstone. What a pity, that our concepts...