Sunday, June 4, 2023


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NSCN/GPRN (K) informs

Dimapur, May 5: The NSCN/GPRN has notified Kaiba Konyak, Simon Thongo Konyak and Lt. Col Bankaho, who it said have...
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NSCN/GPRN-K on raids by Assam Rifles

The bellicosity of certain Assam Rifles commanders in and around Dimapur under the aegis of the Assam Rifles of Spear Corps, creating a war like situation purposefully to instill fear and insecurity among the Naga stakeholders, discredit the political dialogue and re-establish the militarization of Nagaland so that "reign of terror" could be unleashed any moment of their liking simply for few commendations and medals, that the aspiration of the Naga people and the determination of the GOI to bring lasting solution through honorable political solution seem to have become...