Monday, May 27, 2024



NATO pours weapons into Ukraine, risking conflict with Russia

BRUSSELS, MARCH 3: The Dutch are sending rocket launchers for air defence. The Estonians are sending Javelin anti-tank missiles. The Poles and the Latvians are sending Stinger surface-to-air missiles. The Czechs are sending machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols and ammunition. Even formerly neutral countries like Sweden and Finland are sending weapons. And Germany, long allergic to sending weapons into conflict zones, is sending Stingers as well as other shoulder-launched rockets. In all, about 20 countries ~ most members of NATO and the EU, but not all ~ are funnelling arms...

NATO puts its forces on standby

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS, JANUARY 25: NATO said on Monday it was putting forces on standby and reinforcing eastern Europe with more ships...
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