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Sun shoots out the biggest solar flare in almost 2 decades

CAPE CANAVERAL (FLORIDA), MAY 16: The sun produced its biggest flare in nearly 2 decades on Tuesday, just days after severe solar storms pummelling Earth and created dazzling northern lights in unaccustomed places. "Not done yet!" the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced in an update. It's the biggest flare of this 11-year solar cycle, which is approaching its peak, according to NOAA. The good news is that Earth should be out of the line of fire this time because the flare erupted on a part of the sun rotating...

A spectacular nova outburst to light up night sky, to be visible to naked eye: NASA

NEW DELHI, MARCH 24: Imagine looking up at the night sky to see a star so bright, it's almost like a second North Star. This isn't from a storybook; it's a real event about to happen, visible without any special gear. This year, the night sky is set to be adorned with a nova outburst, visible without the need for telescopes, presenting a unique chance for enthusiasts to witness this rare astronomical event, NASA said in a statement. Tucked away in a distant corner of the universe, about 3,000 light-years...

NASA warns July 2023 likely to be warmest month on record

NEW YORK, JULY 21: July of 2023 is likely to be the warmest month on record in "hundreds, if not thousands, of years", said NASA's top scientists in a roundtable with reporters, warning that the heat is only going to get worse. "We are seeing unprecedented changes all over the world. The heat waves that we are seeing in the US, in Europe, China, and demolishing records left, right and centre. This is not a surprise", said Gavin Schmidt, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. June of...
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NASA condemns

Dimapur, November 1: The Northern Angami Sports Association (NASA) has condemned the actions of the 1st Assam Rifles wherein "they...
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