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Who are Nagas?

Xavier Pfokrehe MaoProfessor, Department of PhilosophyNEHU, Shillong Before I begin to answer the question I would like to raise first a few questions. Which tribe is called the naked Nagas? Which tribe is called Kacha Nagas? Are Nagas having a common ancestor? Which tribe was first called Naga tribe? Which tribe is the last to be called Naga tribe? Why Nagas are still confused about their common identity? Are there real Nagas and unreal Nagas? When did the nomenclature of the word Naga come to be used to the various...

Are We Turning into a Sick Society?

Buno Iralu As though we don't already have our hands full this pandemic season, every other day, our sensibilities get shaken by some horrible news originating right from our localities and front yards. The stories, sadly and shamefully, range from sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandoned babies, rape, kidnapping, big-time theft to cold and bloody murder. Is our Naga society turning sick? Are the dire occurrences, happening at such alarming frequency, indicative of some festering conditions that need attention and redressal? Is it enough to catch the culprits and put them...
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Need of the hour: Introspect & recollect own political history

At this crucial juncture of Naga polity, the vital need of the hour for all Nagas is to profoundly introspect and recollect our own political history which heeded to can lead us to make better choices of contemporary realities.Undeniably the historical fact is that Nagas in unison went to foreign lands to help in the war efforts in the 1st world war which culminated in the formation of Naga Club and the subsequent submission of political memorandum to the Simon commission as a single unified Naga Nation.Again, Nagas as a...
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