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Empathy missing

It has been said that Nagaland is a poor state and depends entirely on funds from the Centre for managing its daily affairs. But are we truly a poor state? For more than a decade or so, we are noticing innumerable constructions all over the state. Particularly the twin cities of Dimapur and Kohima have seen an unprecedented boom in construction of palatial private residences and shopping complexes. The number of vehicles in our roads is increasing by lakhs annually. The land prices are soaring sky high. The value of...
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UNTABA on ‘Economic blockade of Nagaland’

In the light of the Karbi Students' Association (KSA) making noises against the Naga people and the unfortunate episode of their so-called 'Economic blockade of Nagaland,' perhaps it has become pertinent to impart some history lessons lest half-truths and insinuations continue to vitiate the atmosphere and break down the cordial relations Nagas have enjoyed with the Assamese people since time immemorial.First of all, prior to the declaration of Indian independence, Naga people had no boundary dispute with any communities.The NNC, in order to retrieve the areas under Naga Hills District...
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Who are Nagas?

Xavier Pfokrehe MaoProfessor, Department of PhilosophyNEHU, Shillong Before I begin to answer the question I would like to raise first a few questions. Which tribe is called the naked Nagas? Which tribe is called Kacha Nagas? Are Nagas having a common ancestor? Which tribe was first called Naga tribe? Which tribe is the last to be called Naga tribe? Why Nagas are still confused about their common identity? Are there real Nagas and unreal Nagas? When did the nomenclature of the word Naga come to be used to the various...

Are We Turning into a Sick Society?

Buno Iralu As though we don't already have our hands full this pandemic season, every other day, our sensibilities get shaken by some horrible news originating right from our localities and front yards. The stories, sadly and shamefully, range from sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandoned babies, rape, kidnapping, big-time theft to cold and bloody murder. Is our Naga society turning sick? Are the dire occurrences, happening at such alarming frequency, indicative of some festering conditions that need attention and redressal? Is it enough to catch the culprits and put them...
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