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Workshop on technologies of BARC held

Dimapur, March 26: Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Technologies Display and Dissemination Facility (DTDDF), SASRD (School of Agricultural Sciences and...
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Nagaland Joint College Student Leaders unhappy with postponement of exams

WE the College Students Community through our respective on-campus, official Student Unions/Councils in unison state and express as follows:That, We the College Students Community of Nagaland shocked, surprised and highly unpleased with the decision taken by the Nagaland University in compliance with the direction of the State Government Higher and Technical Education, Kohima vide letter No HTE/NU/9-3/2020/795 dated 12th November, 2020 for the postponement of Nagaland University Odd Semester Examination which was originally scheduled to start from 7th December 2020.Whereas, a fact needs to be taken into serious consideration that...