Saturday, January 16, 2021



Better healthcare

In the past, infant and maternal mortality rates were high in our state. Though expected to decrease by the latest technology and research in favour of early diagnosis and prompt treatment, nothing much has changed even today. The vulnerable age groups like kids and elderly patients reach the so-called tertiary care hospitals in Dimapur or Kohima very late from their primary source of referral because of so many factors including transport, late decisions by referring doctors as well as attendants, etc. They are being referred because of unmanageability at their...

Degraded sectors

We all know that health and education are the most prominent aspects that determine the strength of a nation. Healthy and knowledgeable minds make bedrock for prospective robust societies. In the contemporary era of modern technology and advanced science the significance of both knowledge and health as medium and facilitators of growth and development become more important. In developed nations, these key sectors have experienced a phenomenal quality growth. Lately, most parts of the country have acknowledged these indicators of appreciated growth along with communication and connectivity. Our state has...