Monday, May 29, 2023

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North East

Meghalaya to build 75 climate-resilient health centres

Shillong, July 3: The Meghalaya government is planning to build 75 new health centres in remote areas that will be resilient to extreme weather conditions, officials said on Sunday. Most health centres in far-flung areas of the state are susceptible to the variability of climate, affecting the well-being of patients, auxiliary nurses, and midwives who run and manage the facilities, they said. The state government has entrusted Sauramandala Foundation for capacity building and designs while Selco Foundation will be the technical partner for the project, they said. We are trying...
North East

Meghalaya govt to power its remote health centres using solar technology

Shillong, April 9: The Meghalaya government has successfully installed solar-powered devices in 100 health centres in remote villages, an official said on Saturday. The state government said it plans to cover all rural health centres under the solar power scheme to improve the functioning of these centres and ensure that last mile delivery in the health sector is achieved using solar technologies. In a pilot programme, the National Health Mission has successfully powered 100 sub-centres in the 11 districts with solar devices, a senior health official said. He said as...