Thursday, July 25, 2024


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Isak Sumi led NSCN under official CF Agreement With GOI: WC, NNPGs

Having ascertained from the competent MHA, GOI sources in the know-how of the Indo Naga peace process, WC, NNPGs is constrained to put on public record this relevant fact in order to dispel rumours and propaganda being spread by anti-peace elements. Despite unfortunate internal debacle in the NSCN set-up between Khango Konyak and Isak Sumi, it is to be noted that NSCN/GPRN led by Col.(Retd) Isak Sumi and LuyanbaYimkhiung remains intact and status quo continues to be maintained in connection to ceasefire agreement with the GOI. Meantime, the status or...