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UN says its access to Gaza’s Rafah crossing ‘denied’ by Israel

GENEVA, MAY 7: Israeli authorities have denied the UN access to the closed Rafah crossing, the main entry point for humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, the United nations said Tuesday. Jens Laerke, spokesman for the UN's humanitarian agency OCHA, said there was only a 1-day buffer of fuel to run humanitarian operations inside the besieged Palestinian territory. "We currently do not have any physical presence at the Rafah crossing as our access... has been denied by COGAT", he said, referring to the Israeli agency that oversees supplies into the...

Gaza could surpass famine thresholds in 6 weeks: World Food Programme official

GENEVA, APRIL 24: The Gaza Strip could surpass famine thresholds of food insecurity, malnutrition and mortality in 6 weeks, an official of the World Food Programme said on Wednesday. "We are getting closer by the day to a famine situation", said Gian Caro Cirri, Geneva Director of the World Food Programme (WFP). "There is reasonable evidence that all 3 famine thresholds ~ food insecurity, malnutrition and mortality ~ will be passed in the next 6 weeks." A UN-backed report published in March said that famine was imminent and likely to...

US President sharpens criticism of Israel, calling Gaza response ‘over the top’

WASHINGTON, FEBRUARY 9: President Joe Biden sharply escalated his criticism of Israel's approach to the war against Hamas on Thursday, calling military operations in the Gaza Strip "over the top" and saying that the suffering of innocent people has "got to stop". Biden, who has strongly supported Israel's right to retaliate for the October. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas that killed an estimated 1,200 people, exhibited growing impatience with the scale and duration of Israel's response during a nighttime meeting with reporters at the White House. "I'm of the view,...

UN chief calls on countries to resume funding Gaza aid agency after allegations of militant ties

RAFAH (GAZA STRIP), JANUARY 28: The Secretary-General of the United Nations on Sunday called on countries to continue funding the main agency providing aid in Gaza after several of its employees were accused of taking part in the Hamas attack on Israel that ignited the war 4 months ago. The dispute engulfing the biggest provider of vital aid to Palestinians came as US officials said negotiators were closing in on a cease-fire agreement. The emerging deal would bring a 2-month halt to the deadliest-ever Israeli-Palestinian violence, which has stoked instability...

EU pushes Israel on two-state solution after war in Gaza

BRUSSELS, JANUARY 22: EU Foreign Ministers on Monday pressed Israel for an eventual two-state solution with the Palestinians after the war in Gaza, at meetings with the top diplomats from the two sides and key Arab states in Brussels. The surprise Hamas attack on October 7 on Israel and the subsequent devastating military response from Israel has plunged the Middle East into fresh turmoil and sparked fears of a broader conflict. But while the bloodshed appears to have driven a long-term solution further out of sight, EU officials insist the...

Israel’s progress is limited in eradicating Hamas and also liberating Israeli hostages still in Gaza

JERUSALEM, JANUARY 21: After more than 100 days of war, Israel's limited progress in dismantling Hamas has raised doubts within the military's high command about the near-term feasibility of achieving the country's principal wartime objectives: eradicating Hamas and also liberating the Israeli hostages still in Gaza. Israel has established control over a smaller part of Gaza at this point in the war than it originally envisaged in battle plans from the start of the invasion, which were reviewed by The New York Times. That slower-than-expected pace has led some commanders...
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