Tuesday, July 23, 2024



Pakistan: Changes needed on EU plan on rights in Afghanistan

Geneva, October 1: Pakistan's Foreign Ministry wants the European Union to scale back its plans to boost scrutiny of human rights under the new Taliban leadership in Afghanistan, which is hoping to emerge from decades of war and instability. Islamabad says further improvements to a resolution at the UN's top human rights body are needed, including concrete pledges of assistance for the war-wracked country without using human rights as the sole criteria. Pakistan is arguably the Taliban's closest state interlocutor, with historic ties and ostensible influence with the religious militia.The...

EU lawmakers approve post-Brexit trade treaty

Brussels, April 28: European lawmakers have approved the final ratification of the post-Brexit trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom, nearly five years after Britain decided to leave the bloc. The deal, which was finalised on Christmas Eve, had already been ratified by the UK Parliament and conditionally came into force pending the European Parliament's approval, which marks the final legal hurdle.Lawmakers at the European Parliament voted in favour of the agreement sealed between the UK government and the EU. The vote took place Tuesday but results...
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