Thursday, September 28, 2023


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Election violence and the Naga

Thepfulhouvi Solo I feel shameful, acutely ill at ease to the people from outside the State at the Election Violence of the Naga in Nagaland. The Election violence erupts frequently in the two Tribes of the Naga that first accepted Christianity, the Aos and the Lothas; the Aos evangelized most of the Eastern Nagaland, they have recently observed 150th Centennial of Christianity in the Tribe and has declared itself the Pioneer of Christianity in the State, the most educated, the most advanced and one of the Wealthiest of the Naga...
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Election for Change

In Nagaland electoral politics context, political parties and candidates has always participated in the general elections on the promises of bringing changes and development. In the run up to the upcoming 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly Election, we see candidates with activism in their spirit speaking out boldly for change in the governance of the state and this present general election will be different from the past elections in many ways. Through this article, I shall point out some factors which differentiate the present general election from the past general election....
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