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Value education

In today's world it appears education is largely directed towards materialistic destination. There is a speedy decline in the ethical standards of the system which is witnessed in every corner of the society in different phases of value crisis. Starting from the Vedic period, there has been a gradual and historical decline in the ethical dimensions of educational functioning. Can education produce the desired output when its ethical limbs are being paralyzed? Our present educational scenario has forgotten the vitality of ethical standards and the concept of value education has...

Employability problem

Without a doubt the problem of unemployment in Nagaland has surpassed reasonable limits. As unemployment increases, so does the poverty. As poverty increases, so does frustration intensify among the youths? Here we are also aware that many of our youths are unskillful and hence are jobless. Today majority of our youth are finding it increasingly difficult to get jobs. On this front, we are facing a unique situation. While unemployment is a visible scar in our state, a huge chain of skilled and unskilled work force from outside the state...

Reflection needed

If we were to examine the current education system in Nagaland, obviously a lot of questions will come our way. Is the system working efficiently, to the best of its capacity or is it entirely in doldrums? Of course, the answer lies somewhere in between. We are neither super successful nor have lost track entirely, and indeed lot of efforts are needed to bring back the glory to the institution of education. We are also well aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit education badly. Can we imagine millions of...
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The Future of Education as the Pandemic Persists

Less than a year ago students attended the traditional face-to-face classes, socialized with friends, participated in clubs, and played sports. Then the pandemic struck, and everything changed. Students, teachers, and parents changed their way of life in just a few short days. Teachers had to change all of their course materials to meet the needs of an online platform; students had to understand how to attend class online, and parents had to turn their homes into school rooms. The pandemic is far from over, so virtual learning continues to be...

Change who?

Why do we send our children to school? To learn to become agent of change. Ideally this should be the answer. Alas, the most inspirational phrases aptly highlighting the critical importance of learning in life, have now become hollow slogans. Often we criticize, and rightly so, that teachers have lost their moorings and are money oriented with little or no regard for imparting knowledge. However the teachers are not the only culprits, we the parents and society as a whole also need to seriously introspect. How many of us want...
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