Tuesday, December 1, 2020


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The Future of Education as the Pandemic Persists

Less than a year ago students attended the traditional face-to-face classes, socialized with friends, participated in clubs, and played sports. Then the pandemic struck, and everything changed. Students, teachers, and parents changed their way of life in just a few short days. Teachers had to change all of their course materials to meet the needs of an online platform; students had to understand how to attend class online, and parents had to turn their homes into school rooms. The pandemic is far from over, so virtual learning continues to be...

Change who?

Why do we send our children to school? To learn to become agent of change. Ideally this should be the answer. Alas, the most inspirational phrases aptly highlighting the critical importance of learning in life, have now become hollow slogans. Often we criticize, and rightly so, that teachers have lost their moorings and are money oriented with little or no regard for imparting knowledge. However the teachers are not the only culprits, we the parents and society as a whole also need to seriously introspect. How many of us want...

Degraded sectors

We all know that health and education are the most prominent aspects that determine the strength of a nation. Healthy and knowledgeable minds make bedrock for prospective robust societies. In the contemporary era of modern technology and advanced science the significance of both knowledge and health as medium and facilitators of growth and development become more important. In developed nations, these key sectors have experienced a phenomenal quality growth. Lately, most parts of the country have acknowledged these indicators of appreciated growth along with communication and connectivity. Our state has...

Think different

While growing up, we were told that by going to school we are securing our future. By gaining education we will get a degree, diploma and certificates, which have been and unfortunately still continue to be the sole purpose of it. A mere means to make a living with a fat salary. All throughout our school years, our teachers poured loads of information and traditional trash into our mind. Like a machine, it fed us with information, and we accepted it as a touchstone. What a pity, that our concepts...