Thursday, June 20, 2024


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Crime of the highest order if ENPO matter devalue Indo-Naga political issue: WC, NNPGs

There is a group of people, mostly retired politicians and bureaucrats from Eastern Naga People's Organisation (ENPO) area who have secretly drafted a proposal, collaborating with Indian agents, and submitted to the Government of India (GoI). Among many, two points will invite serious repercussion. 1. The present National Workers from ENPO areas are all misguided and anti-social elements and when ENPO issue is resolved with GoI, all of them will be made to surrender along with arms. The leaders will be provided with one licensed arms each. 2. After ENPO/GoI...

Abortion no longer a crime in Colombia

BOGOTA, FEBRUARY 23: Having an abortion is no longer a crime under Colombian law, the country's top Court ruled on Monday, in a decision that paves the way for the procedure to become widely available across this historically conservative, Catholic country. The ruling by Colombia's Constitutional Court follows years of organising by women across Latin America for greater protections and more rights, including access to abortion, and significant shifts in the region's legal landscape. Mexico's Supreme Court decriminalised abortion in a similar decision in September and Argentina's Congress legalised the...
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State police crime report

Dimapur, December 8: Nagaland police recovered two stolen vehicles and seized contraband drugs, IMFL, foreign made cigarettes, banned tobacco products,...