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Hindu, Christian Bhai Bhai…that’s ‘Meitei brotherhood’ model 

Can you douse forest fires by baying at the moon? Nirendra Dev NEW DELHI, JUNE 13: “There is no development worth the name... The only new thing I have noticed is the locking of houses early in the evening. If nothing else, it reflects the fear of being robbed. And it is a sad commentary on the law and order machinery.” These words are not mine nor are they about Manipur or even Nagaland. Way back on March 25, 1996, noted columnist Kuldip Nayar had written so in a Dimapur-based...

Are We Turning into a Sick Society?

Buno Iralu As though we don't already have our hands full this pandemic season, every other day, our sensibilities get shaken by some horrible news originating right from our localities and front yards. The stories, sadly and shamefully, range from sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandoned babies, rape, kidnapping, big-time theft to cold and bloody murder. Is our Naga society turning sick? Are the dire occurrences, happening at such alarming frequency, indicative of some festering conditions that need attention and redressal? Is it enough to catch the culprits and put them...
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Are Christians going to live by the Bible or not?

John 14:23-24.Jesus said, “ If anyone love Me, he will Obey my teaching. My father will love him, and We will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love Me will not Obey my teaching”.It is time for each and every “Christian” to make a decision. Will life be lived in accordance to the teachings of the Bible or not? There really is no in-between. One can’t straddle the fence here. Each one must also be careful how that question is answered. “Yes” or...