Sunday, July 25, 2021

TaFMA opens GoCA for Naga artists

Kohima, September 24: Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA) today opened a home for Naga artists in the form of Gallery of Contemporary Art (GoCA) at Regional Centre of Excellence for Music and Performing Arts (RCEMPA) at Jotsoma, Kohima.
It was formally inaugurated by H. Khehovi Yepthomi, advisor arts & culture and tourism, Nagaland.
Addressing the inaugural function, Yepthomi lauded Theja Meru, advisor TaFMA for his initiative in successful opening of this gallery which also coincides with the 100 days completion of TaFMA.
“It is a great achievement and highly commendable. Nagas always talk about unemployment and many other problems but hardly talk about the talents that God has given to us,” Yepthomi said.
“Our society always place too much importance on getting a white collared job. Very few realize how blessed we Nagas are! We are greatly talented and have so much scope in various fields. But many of us are afraid to venture into unknown territories because of fear of failure,” the advisor said.
Yepthomi was optimistic that the local artists will make the best use of this platform and gain maximum benefit through the establishment of this Gallery.
TaFMA advisor Theja Meru thanked Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio for his constant support to art right from the budget speech. And for his concern for the young people especially to support arts.
He said that owning art gallery is the long felt desire of artist community of Nagaland
GoCA is a home for the artist, he said adding that GoCA will be a yearlong art gallery now.
“With this humble beginning we hope to move forward to the bigger space in days ahead, he said.
The gallery will keep be open for public Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM till 3:00 PM.
He said that TaFMA will collaborate with NGOs to carry forward art activities throughout the year.
He said that one of the missions of TaFMA is to collaborate with national and international artists to carry out art camps.
TaFMA will hold first ever art camp from October 7 to 10 where artists will paint contemporary themes of Nagaland.
TaFMA will also collaborate with Eastern Art Council (EAC) for holding 1st ever Dimapur Art Festival from October 15 to 19.
TaFMA project director Dr. Hovithal Sothu thanked each and every individual for making GoCA initiative a success.
The works of artists displayed at the gallery include; Akup Bhuchem, Among Venuh, Arenla Nungshi, Chuten Jamir, Cynthia Kolakhe, Lipokmanen, Mhasiselhu Viyie, Mhayani Kikon and Tia Aier.
(Page News Service)