T Khel Council celebrates annual day

T Khel
Dignitaries during the Tsütuonuomia Khel Day celebration at Mission Compound Kohima on October 25, 2021.

Kohima, October 25: Marking the 142 years of signing peace accord with the British in 1879, Tsütuonuomia Khel of Kohima village today celebrated its annual day at Mission Compound here.
Among the Kewhimia (Kohima village), only T Khel fought with the British to defend the land with the assertion that despite the conflicts and killing prevailing then even among the people, it was improper to allow foreigner to trample their land, informed T Khel Council vice president K Neibou Sekhose while highlighting the history of the khel.

After fighting two battles with the Bristhers, he said the Tsütuonuomia citizens were scattered and settled in villages like Diewhuoma, Dzümetou and Razhie to whom they owe a great deal which cannot be repaid in words or deeds.
The whole area of the exiled khel was overgrown with thick foliage and trees becoming a haunt for tigers, he said. However, with the intervention of Khriereilie Vihutsumia and Neiyalie Pfümia, Tsütuonuomia and Brishers signed a peace bond on October 25, 1879, which also marks T Khel Day, he said.
T Khel Council Chairman Thepfuvilie Suohu addressing the mammoth gathering maintained that the council has done many things for the welfare of the people while the council also has several plans ahead and therefore appealed to the citizens to continue to support
He also urged them to move ahead as brothers while upholding the council constitution for better coordination and understanding among the denizens.
Apprising the gathering that the T Khel Model village below NH-29 is the need of the hour as T Khel in Kohima village has space constraint, he requested the clan people to properly coordinate with the committee set up by the council to look after the Model village.
T Khel Council advisor Vikuolie T Zatsu touched and Kohima Village Council chairman Helievi-o Solo also exhorted the gathering.
Chairman Nomination Committee, Viu Belho announced the names of new team of office bearers for the tenure 2021-2024 with Neibou Sekhose as the president Kelhousinyü Solo and Ravotuo Belho as vice presidents, Zakie Suohu as general secretary, Neilakhrielie Whuorie as treasurer and Thepfuvilie Suohu as advisor.
Accepting the new assignment of the council, Neibou Sekhose on behalf of the new team assured to give the best effort for the welfare of the khel while also seeking the cooperation and support from all.

T Khel Students Union president Vituotsolie Solo extended greetings while special numbers were presented by Methaneilie Jütükhrie Solo, Thejatshunuo Sekhose and the Nepali and Kabui communities of Chandmari and Naga Bazaar.
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