Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Systemic overhauling need of the hour for Nagaland: SC Jamir

S C Jamir

Dimapur, September 14: Former Nagaland chief minister SC Jamir has said that Nagaland, a State, which he observed, is in the throes of a terrible crisis, needs a systemic overhauling.
In an article ‘A Systemic Overhauling – Need of the hour for Nagaland’ emailed to the media today, Dr SC Jamir, who was a former Governor of Maharashtra, Goa and Odisha said, “Insurgency-induced conflicts have over time been compounded by a combination of several disturbing factors. These factors – political, economic and social, often driven by narrow competing interests, coupled with naked corruption and massive youth unemployment have led to an incendiary situation in the State.”
Jamir cited poor governance, gun culture and corruption as the main reasons behind the sorry state of affairs in Nagaland. “Nagaland, today, is reeling under an administration which has no sinews. There is no rule of law nor an effective mechanism to deliver services to the people. The gulf between those governing the State and the governed has never been wider,” he observed, adding discipline in all echelons of the administrative machinery is conspicuously absent.
On what needs to be done, Jamir said to overhaul the entire system in Nagaland, it has to start from the roots. “Commercialization and auctioning of precious votes during elections must be stopped completely,” he said.
The topmost priority, however he said, is to bring the entire administration and governance system back on the rails. “The machinery for maintenance of law and order must be strengthened and the police force in the State equipped properly to deal firmly with miscreants and law-breakers. The opacity with which the present system is shrouded has to be lifted and transparency restored,” he said.
On the framework agreement, Dr Jamir said, “It is expected that whatever agreement is drawn up would be in the best interests of the Nagas. Recognizing the contemporary political reality, let us, instead of indulging in political polemics, call upon the Nagas to rise up in unison and urge upon the Government of India to hammer out an honourable solution of the Naga problem without any further delay.” He also wanted the Central Government to be honest and bold enough to make public the full contents of the framework agreement to the people of Nagaland.
Stating that with the dawn of a new political environment, the people of Nagaland can embark upon once again a well ordered and progressive administration to promote rapid economic development of the State, Jamir added, “Let the final political settlement be made first and, thereafter, let us collectively usher in a new era of peace and prosperity in Nagaland.” (Full Text)
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