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Symposium on ‘Christian and mental health’ held

Nagaland News

Kohima, June 11: A symposium on ‘Christian and mental health’ for senior youth of the Chakhesang Baptist Church Minister’s Hill, Kohima (CBCMHK) with Clinical Psychologist Themmungla Raman Longkumer as the main speaker, was held at Mt Sinai Higher Secondary School chapel, in Kohima on Friday, June 10.
Speaking on the topic, Themmungla Raman Longkumer said that if a person wants their life changed, they have to first change their mind. The Bible talks about renewing the mind so also there is a need for the constant renewing of a person’s mind. One needs to train their minds to think new thoughts and need to be self-regulated and lead a self-disciplined life. Everything boils down to hard work, she said.
“There is an enemy (devil) and he starts by putting the wrong focus on our lives. The enemy is trying so hard to isolate us and attack our minds but you have the power to change that. Let’s not easily give away to the devil,” she said.
Longkumer, who previously worked at the state mental health institute for 10 years, said that a lot of people think mental health is equal to mental illness, which is the “biggest stigma”. There is a need to recognise the difference between mental health and mental illness. Towards this, a collective understanding of what mental health is required. Everybody has mental health to be taken care of and it is something that needs to be addressed. It is important to recognise one’s mental health and try to make early interventions.
Today, the main agent of the Naga society is the Church. When the church starts talking about it, people start talking, she said and added that it is progressing and people are talking about it. She added that mental health is a part of being human and not a sign of weakness or shame.
She also laid emphasis on mental illness and its common illnesses including depression anxiety, bipolar, and eating disorders. Speaking on why mental illness happens, she said it is the story behind a person like childhood trauma and (traumatic) experiences built over the years. Therefore, it is important that one understands their mind, she added.
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