Thursday, June 8, 2023
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SVC bans environment-unfriendly structures & activities

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 7: To ensure proper flow of rainwater, Sovima Village Council has banned construction of permanent structures such as concrete compound walls without the permission and consultation of the respective Khel GB.

In its September 4 meeting, the Council decided that natural rainwater outlets/drains in the jurisdiction of the village should not be blocked/filled up/occupied by any person without alternative arrangements by the property owners so as to prevent water logging.
“Council officials shall go on an inspection and those natural drains found to be encroached thereby causing water logging in the upstream areas should be cleared by the property owners failing which the Village Council shall impose penalties it deems fit and take necessary action to clear the blockages”, it stated.
The Council decided to impose a complete ban on hunting and trapping of wildlife in the jurisdiction of Sovima. Defaulters will be fined Rs 5,000 on the spot and their guns, air rifles, traps, etc., seized and auctioned, the proceeds of which will go to Council fund.
“Free-range rearing of cattle/goats shall be strictly prohibited. Un-tethered cattle/goats shall be slaughtered and sold, the proceeds of which shall be deposited to Council fund. While rearing of swine is encouraged, waste matter from the sties must be disposed off in a hygienic manner through compost pits, and should not be allowed to run through drains passing into properties of neighbours”, it added. (Page News Service)