Sunday, August 1, 2021

SVC appeals for better coordination between Govt agencies, village communities

Nagaland News

Dimapur, July 20: Sovima Village Council today made a strong appeal for the need to have better coordination, cooperation and understanding between various government agencies and the village communities.

Interacting with the team from YouthNet which had come to the village to assess the impact of implementing the Comunitisation of various institutions and services, SVC urged the team to convey to appropriate authorities the urgent need for more involvement of community leaders and departmental officers to ensure that the various schemes and projects introduced by the government, either at the central or the state level, are implemented in letter and spirit.
“We know that the government has noble schemes and projects meant to benefit the grassroots level. But in the absence of proper coordination and monitoring these noble schemes do not actually materialize in full,” the SVC told the visiting delegates.
“We have to ensure that the beneficiaries get their due share and this will be possible only when departmental officials execute stringently their responsibilities according to the book. At the same time the villagers also have to be made aware of their rights and more importantly, their responsibilities,” it said.
Comunitisation has been a sterling project that has made Nagaland famous worldwide. But of late, it has been found that certain loopholes have crept into the permutation, which need to be rectified, the SVC told the representatives from YouthNet.
According to a press release issued by Sovima Village Council Chairman, the Council shared its concerns about the functionings of various Services and bodies such as VDB, Village Education Community, Health Committee, Water and Sanitation Committee, Anganwadi Board etc and iterated that the concept of Comunitisation is excellent but the coordination and monitoring part is lacking, thereby, resulting in gross misuse of funds meant for the villagers.

The Government of Nagaland had set up a panel for review of Comunitisation of Public Institutions and Service Act 2002, Nagaland, to undertake impact assessment study, and to suggest measures for improvement, and to fulfill this mandate YouthNet has been tasked to collect feedback of the community. Mon district had been covered and accessed and presently Dimapur district is being surveyed.
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