Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Suspension order served to Popular Bakery revoked


Dimapur, August 3: Chief Medical Officer, Kohima, Dr Ritu Thurr has revoked the suspension order served to Popular Bakery, Kohima on July 24 last after it found that the bakery has complied with the earlier notice for improvement in hygiene and sanitary practices.
According to a release issued here, in regard to compliance served to them on July20, the Food Safety Officials inspected Poplar Bakery on July 23 but the storage still lack hygiene practices. On July 24, under Section 32 (2) of Food Safety & Standard Act, 2006, the Food License issued was suspended.
Apparently, after a closure of 6 days, the Popular Bakery submitted a letter on July 30 with invitation for the Officials to revisit their storage for statement rectification proof.
Accordingly, on July 31, Food Safety & Standard Officials under Designated Officer, the Chief Medical Officer visited the manufacturing unit with remarks on some compliance to be completed.
With ongoing inspection drive, on August 2, the Officials revisited the unit and found the rectification complied.
Today, the letter was served revoking the licence which was suspended by the Chief Medical Officer, Kohima Dr. Ritu Thurr. (Page News Service)