Monday, April 12, 2021

Suruhoto Town Baptist Church organizes Father’s Retreat

Dimapur, February 25: Suruhuto Town Baptist Church SBAK-Aizuto organized 2-day Father’s Retreat on February 22 & 23 on the theme ‘New Creation in Christ’ 11 Cor.5:17.
Rev.Dr.Daniel Chishi Pastor ZTSBC was the main speaker of the event. The speaker exhorted that the father’s life are the book before their family and society, and so he urged them to live an exemplary life and let other see Jesus in their life.
The speaker also mentioned that at this juncture many irresponsible fathers are being driven by the so called modern amenities and other social evils and as a result many mothers become widows.
Children’s become fatherless and many families becoming ruined and therefore, the speaker with his tender heart appeals them not to be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.Along with the speaker’s motivational messages various activities such as Bible quiz, Bible discoveries, counseling, singing and many more has been carried out in this retreat.
All 95 fathers who attended the program were richly blessed. The Pastoral staff and the Deacon Board members acknowledged all home maker under STBC for shouldering their family’s responsibilities in sending their spouse to the retreat. The Church also thanked all the program officials and volunteers for their tireless efforts.
The second day programme was attempted by more than 500 people where usual devotional service was carried out and ended with the event successfully.
(Page News Service)