Surprising Myths & Facts About Makeup


— Shahnaz Husain —

Internet, television , friends and self proclaimed make up experts are good source of tons of so called “beauty tips” who advice on all the Do”s and Don’t of make up applications without any validation behind them .Popular cosmetic companies provide millions of of tips on their website on how to choose and apply cosmetic products mainly to promote sales and marketing of their costly products . There is no shortage of make up advice these days on newspapers columns, magazine articles , TV debates and popular websites But, we often get into dilemma whether it’s true or not. The beauty world is much like a laden myth, yet these myths are widespread.
There are a few universal don’ts when it comes to your beauty regime . To help you feel confident of makeup,
It’s time to ditch the bad beauty advice that’s keeping you from reaching your full gorgeous potential.
Let us bust the most well-known makeup myths that we have heard a million times and still believe in
It is high time we explode some make up myths that tend to persist.
Myth: Foundation is a must in summer, especially for oily skin
Foundation need not be applied, especially during the day. Compact powder may be used. It reduces the oily look and provides a smooth skin texture.
Myth: Moisturiser should be applied before foundation.
A moisturizing lotion should be applied before applying foundation only if the skin is normal to dry. For normal to oily skin, apply an astringent lotion or skin tonic first. Wait for a few minutes and then apply foundation.
Myth: One should use a foundation which is much lighter than the normal skin colour, in order to look fairer
Actually, foundation should be as close to your normal skin colour as possible. This would help to blend the foundation and make it look more natural. By using bronzer or blush on over the cheekbones, one can give the skin a glow.
Myth: Concealers help blemishes.
Actually, concealers only help dark blemishes by making them look lighter. I feel that foundations are more helpful in hiding blemishes. Take a foundation that is one shade lighter. Apply very little on the blemish and pat it. Avoid spreading it. Wait for a few minutes and then apply your normal foundation.
Myth: Powder helps to reduce oiliness in summer
Powders do help to reduce oiliness in summer, but very little should be applied. Dust off excess with cotton wool. Too much powder can make the face streaky or blotchy, due to perspiration. The powder settles in some areas. Powder also tends to settle where there are tiny lines, like around the eyes. So, it is necessary to dust off excess powder.
Myth: Translucent powder, like baby powder is best for summer.
Translucent powder is actually very pale and does not suit all skin tones. Tinted powders may be better. Warm yellow tones of powder may suit. Bronzing powders may also be better. If you want a healthy glow without the shine, go for a bronzing powder. Avoid applying too much. It should be lightly applied, using a big powder brush.
Myth: Applying foundation on the eyelids helps the make-up last during summer
The skin of the eyes is very thin and delicate. The foundation can make the eyelids look creased with tiny lines.
Myth: Eyes should be lined inside the eyelids to make them look bigger.
Eyelids should not be lined inside the eyelids, as eyes can get infected, or start watering. The eyes should be lined just above the upper lash line and just below the lower lash line. This way the eyes will be protected and also look bigger.
Myth: Only pastel (light) coloured lipstick should be used in summer.
It is true that pastel coloured lipsticks look cooler and more natural in summer, but I have seen that bright colours can also look good, especially with dusky complexions and traditional Indian clothes. A coral or dark pink lipstick may look very attractive in summer, even with light coloured clothes
Myth: You can make your lips look bigger by lining outside your natural lip line.
I feel that creating another line outside the natural lip line, may not look natural if it is not done with expertise. To make thin lips look fuller, use light and glossy lip colors. In fact, only lip gloss can be used. It is helpful in summer as gloss gives a cool look. Avoid dark colours if the lips are thin or small.
The author is international fame beauty expert and is called Herbal Queen of India