Monday, September 20, 2021
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Support for opposition-less Govt. without pre-condition: NPF

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‘Have placed no demand before PDA’

DIMAPUR, JULY 26: Facing backlash from various quarters, including political parties, for its decision to support an “Opposition-less Government” in Nagaland by joining the ruling PDA in the State, the NPF today claimed it has placed no demand before the PDA Government.

“The NPF Legislature Party decided to support the concept of an Opposition-less Government in the State without any pre-condition. It has placed no demand whatsoever before the incumbent PDA Government”, said Dr Chumben Murry, secretary, NPF Legislature Party.
Dr Chumben maintained that Naga people have been praying for unity among the 60 MLAs in order to facilitate the Indo-Naga peace process so that all Naga negotiating groups can come together and create a common ground in order to remove all kinds of confusion among the Nagas and the GoI as well.
“The good intention of NPF Legislature Party should not be misconstrued because the sole reason and purpose in supporting the formation of an Opposition-less Government is to pursue for an early resolution and settlement of the protracted Naga Political Issue”, he claimed.
The NPFLP also requested Naga negotiating groups and the Central Government, including all political parties, to be sincere in their approach while handling the ongoing situation in order to conclude the ongoing Indo-Naga peace process at the earliest.

‘Not a merger or political defection’
In a separate press release, NPF Central Headquarters maintained that extending support to the ruling coalition to expedite the unresolved political conflict with Government of India is an effort to demonstrate cohesiveness and present a united voice as elected representatives of the Nagas.
It is not grouping as one political entity and claim to be unifying for the Naga cause, as alleged by the State NPP “because it is neither a merger nor political defection to another political party”, it stated.
Reacting to a NPP statement, the release stated that identity and Naga-centric ideology of NPF remains intact, “unlike elected representatives of a certain political party who had no qualms whatsoever about completely shedding their pre-election colors and defecting to another party to secure their position in the Government’s chair.”
Accepting that the State has experienced opposition-less Government before, NPF said the NPP statement conveniently ignores the hard political reality that the State Government is neither a party to the political negotiations between the Government of India and the various Naga political groups nor a signatory to pre-settlement agreements on which the political negotiations are being based.

“Rather, the State Government has been playing a facilitating role between the various negotiating entities. To this end, the NPF is prepared to explore every possibility, including supporting the ruling dispensation in its effort to strengthen and expedite the political negotiation”, it said.
The NPF claimed that it has strived to play the role of ‘constructive Opposition’ since the formation of PDA Government, while being conscious not to undermine or hinder the efforts of the State Government, NGOs, Churches and other organizations in fighting and containing the COVID-19 pandemic.
Reiterating that elected representatives of the NPF “along with the entire MLAs” are ready to resign to pave way for smooth transition of power should political developments necessitate such an act, the NPF, however, maintained that as democratically elected representatives responsible to the people, the entire MLAs cannot relinquish their position just to appease a political party “that, conveniently, does not have a single elected representative in the Legislative Assembly”. It was reacting to a statement by Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC).
“The Congress when in power at the Centre and as well as in the State had never came out with such bold decision to resign but when they are left without a single MLA in this 13th house, the NPCC President, K Therie is boldly asking all the MLAs to resign in order to pave the way for solution, whereas all the resolutions or manifesto of every political party spelled out loud and clear that we will pave the way for new arrangement as and when conditions demands it”, it stated.

Stating that regardless of the scorn and insult heaped on it by people with vested interests, the NPF said it will continue to champion the rights of the Nagas and strive to protect and promote them in every possible way within the parameter of a democratic Government “because this objective is the fundamental principle on which the cock party was found”.
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