Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sungratsu Senso Mungdang Platinum Jubilee begins

Dimapur, December 27: The Sungratsu Senso Mungdang began its glories platinum jubilee at Senden Salang, Sungartsu Village in Mokokchung District on December 27.
The main speaker on the inaugural programme Lolenmongla Jamir, Subject Matter Specialist, Department of Agriculture spoke on the topic envisioning tomorrow. She said that before the organization conceptualized its vision for the future, the organization should first ponder upon for whom the vision is conceptualized and analyzed wither it is holistic and inclusive.
She also opined that vision for the society should be progressive outlook; should involved in innovative engagement and contribution from all corners.
Another speaker, Temsunaro Aier, Additional Secretary, Department of Agriculture urged the gathering to accept positive change and adapt to the change with the rest of the world instead of holding to the traditional practice rigidly as dogma.
She warned that within 20-30 years the rural population will decrease rapidly due to urban migration. In this connection, Aier said the Senso Mungdang need to ponder upon this issue how to pull the urban population to the rural area.
She also opined that to bring investment to the rural area system of the land sale should be re-evaluated to make investor favourable to invest in the land.
(Page News Service)