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Summarily repeal AFSPA: Naga Hoho to GoI

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DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 7: The Naga Hoho has once again asked New Delhi to summarily repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 (AFSPA) from Naga area.
In a memorandum addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Naga Hoho expressed anguish at the callous attitude of the Government of India towards the repeal of AFSPA in Naga areas despite repeated appeals by Naga civil societies and human rights activists.

“You may kindly recall that Naga Hoho alone have submitted various representations and issued press statements not less than twenty times in the past for repealing of AFSPA. In return, the successive Governments, irrespective of various political parties, in Delhi always decided to remain a mute spectator ever since the enactment of the draconian laws”, the memorandum read.
It referred to the “atrocities committed by the Indian security forces against the innocent Naga villagers on the 4th and 5th of December 2021 at Oting Village and Mon Town” and expressed extreme sadness.
“This is not an isolated incident and Naga people have been repeatedly humiliated and insulted without recognising our rights to life”, it stated.
The Naga Hoho asserted that there is no space for such draconian laws (AFSPA) in any civilised society “and do not expect it from the largest democratic country under your watch”.
“The Nagas’ struggle for self-determination cannot be equated with ‘terrorism’ or ‘secessionism’ as the GoI has recognised the uniqueness of Naga political history and further recognised the universal principle that in a democracy, sovereignty lies with the people”, it added.
Further, it stated that “leaders from mainland India” must know that the Indian armies have been “terrorising” the Naga people for more than six decades.
“Children and students are no exception in the eyes of the Indian armies. In the past incidences, school going students were mercilessly shot dead and innocent students and public were tortured by the Assam Rifles.
“We make this statement in the background that there is an ongoing political negotiation and peace process between the Government of India and the Naga people which can be testified by the signing of various Agreements with the Naga Political Groups (NPGs). Naga Hoho strongly feels that there is peaceful atmosphere in Naga areas as of now and therefore any policy that harms the atmosphere of trust and confidence would be so dear to all stakeholders and therefore, the AFSPA must be summarily repealed from our land”, it maintained.

It also demanded an immediate judicial investigation into the incidents that led to the killing of civilians and book the culprits.
“The Naga Hoho, with all sincerity, urges the Government of India to make its position clear on Indo-Naga Political issue instead of orchestrating its devilish policies against the Naga people”, it stated.
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