Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Sumi Patriots’ Day observed at Zunheboto


Dimapur, August 4: The All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) observed the Sumi Patriots’ Day on August 4 at Patriots’ Monolith located at Old Town and Alahuto Junction Zunheboto.
The Sumi Patriots’ Day is observed every year on the death anniversary of Lt. General Kaito Sema to honour him and other slained patriots who sacrificed fighting for the better cause of Naga.
Maintaining the SOP, the event was observed by inviting just Sumi organizations such as Sumi Hoho, Sumi Kukami Hoho, STH, ZCCI, ZAPO, ZRSU and Town GBs.
Sumi Hoho general secretary Nikheto Jimo in a solidarity message said the event is being observed in tribute to those patriots remembering their sacrifices, which should never be forgotten but always be remembered.
He stated that an individual who work for the better cause of the world with sincerity will always remain a legacy and that they should be respected; is respected and always be respected and encouraged all present at the event to be sincere in the field they are involved in.
He reminded how at this juncture Nagas are struggling economically “since we are surviving on agriculture products produced by other states and as such local agriculture should be encouraged and promoted.”
He reminded that the fight for Naga solution have been prevailing for many years now and was coming on the verge of solution and at this time the Government of India tried implementing the delimitation but with the request of many Nagas organization the implementation of Delimitation has been freezed.
Earlier the programme was chaired by Bokalu V. Jimo, general secretary SKK, and welcome address was delivered by Ayeto Zhimo, vice president SKK. (Page News Service)