Thursday, July 18, 2024

Substance abuse

Drug addiction is silently consuming our young lives as the drug mafia has stretched its tentacles all across the society. The increasing involvement of educated youth is unfolding as a nightmare. The deafening siren of emergency to douse the flames of this burning issue calls for immediate collective response. Today drug addiction is rampant in our state. How drugs are made available? Who are involved in this extended supply chain? Why even having regulatory and enforcement agencies in place the menace is flourishing day by day? How far an addict stoops down to afford the consumption of drugs? What unfair pretexts and practices extend the chain reaction of crime in sustaining the vicious cycle of drug addiction? And more importantly, while just watching from a distance, how safe is our well-being at a time when drug addiction is advancing exponentially? The number of reported cases are far too less than the number of those who are involved. Teenagers and young adults constitute a major lot of the drug addicts. The mafia masters are adept in identifying their potential target individuals. Early approach and interactions are warm and friendly and later the soft targets are exposed to the sweet poison with gradual and incremental dosage. The graded exposure develops conditioning and a free fall in the trap finally concludes into complete dependence on drugs. The supply chain managers of drugs enjoy free will in exploiting drug addicts. This anticipated climax stage is orchestrated by beastly minded mafia masters. The overdose of drugs turns an addict into a living corpse losing control and connection with actual reality. With a delusional mindset, drug addicts explore all ways and means whether illegal or anti-social to maintain continuity of drug dependence. This criminal connotation of drug addiction is threatening and poses a challenge to entire societal wellbeing. The expanding graph of drug addiction is thus compromising the safety of every one of us. There is a need for regulatory authorities and law enforcing agencies, to tread drug addiction as an emergency now. If saving lives of youth and preventing them from getting indulged in this menace is their real mandate and motto, this is the time to exhibit iron will and commitment to uproot this evil. Who is accountable for drug addiction related deaths that are anonymously creeping up every day? Can such deaths be prevented? Yes, timely intervention and proactive response can save lives of many who are drifting deep inside the deadly den of drugs. The needle of responsibility is fluctuating and pointing at other key stake holders who are equally responsible in playing their roles. Today free access and availability of drugs is propelling the ship of shame to cover long distances. It is an ironical fact that pharmacy counters demand for production of doctor’s prescription to provide certain categories of drugs especially pain killers for patients with chronic illness. What one fails to understand is how drug addicts are gaining easy access to banned drugs. At the same time, vested interest groups and individuals are hell bent to target and tarnish young generation with misleading designs. At the behest of their interests and instructions a foolproof mafia network has gained ground that sustains this murky menace. Many imposters wearing deceptive garbs running the show are faceless and nameless. The tough task for the custodians of public health and safety is to unveil the big wigs that are acting as ring masters and enjoying patronage of big lords. Once the serpents head is crushed, the tail becomes paralyzed and lifeless. It is also unfortunate that many people believe substance abuse is a matter of immorality and that we should either physically punish those who abuse a substance or isolate them in the society. Unless we accept that substance abuse is a health issue and that it needs proper attention and treatment like other health problems, it will keep on harming generations. Substance abuse is a treatable condition and its treatment outcome depends upon factors like duration of abuse, severity of the condition, adherence to a given treatment, and family support. As a common person, we can all help in reducing the problem of substance abuse in our society by talking about it with family members, friends and colleagues. Spreading the awareness can be very helpful in saving our youth from this problem.