Stupidity with a pinch of selflessness


In many instances, despite dire circumstances
Have embraced selflessness in direct contravention to all logic;
Have sacrificed as many before;
Borne many a misfortunate in a way that
some may describe as leaning more towards stupidity than naive,
As have been taken for a ride in the highway of fools for umpteenth times,
where even fools wisen up.
Forgiven even for being literally abandoned
and left out in the lurch, at the mercy of starvation.

How long should indignation be endured?
How long should the heart alone lead the way?
How long should stupidity reign?
How long will the brain capitulate to the hegemony of the heart,
Despite knowing, what is best.

Battle between a hubristic heart and a servile brain;
Union between one sided endearment and a heart beguiled by gullibility
with all the trappings of worldly shenanigans,
Despite the best of advice that the brain has to offer.

Been bended and broken a thousand times;
Been dealt a card to the abyss ;
Still this inscrutable heart contradicts,
Refusing to grant a healing,
Always on the path of hope;
Eternally on a collision course with the brain.

How long should hope reign?
How long should imagination of a change,
hold sway over actions?
How long does brooding continue
to finally attain enlightenment
that divergent paths taken
by the restless heart and brain are harbinger of many a misfortune in life.
How long will it take to convince
that troubles in life began with a misled heart
and ends, when the heart listens to rationality;
and sanity reigns to amalgamate the heart and the brain
on a consensus path to humane rationality.

God, I implore to your forbearance and mercy;
Help the heart to break the shackles that spell doom
and nourish my brain with wisdom,
So sane senses gain ascendancy.

NK Chishi.
PWD Colony,