Students storm Raj Bhawan, CM office to demand removal of Manipur University VC


IMPHAL, July 7: Manipur University (MU) students and various student bodies today protested in front of the Raj Bhawan gate demanding the removal of the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Manipur University Prof. Adhya Prasad Pandey for alleged mismanagement and failure to discharge his duties.
The students shouted slogans against the Governor and the chief minister for their inability to remove the VC and resolve the crisis of Manipur University for such a long time.
Police confronted the students and physically removed them from the area. The students and the police clashed for a long time, finally a strong police team cleared the area.
Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA), Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) and other students’ bodies alleged that the Vice-Chancellor has no previous experience of administration and was only interested in contract works and touring outside the state at the expense of the University.
For about one and a half month, the functioning of the University has been affected due to the strike by the students and the teachers.
The students alleged that the status of the Manipur University which is a Central University declined after Prof Pandey assumed charge as VC in 2016 as normal academic activities were put to a halt as the VC spends most of the time outside the state and hardly spent ten days a month in the campus.
It was further stated that over Rs 8 crores were spent by Prof Pandey to go to his home and other places when nothing was done to improve the academic activities.
The students further stated that supply of every material has been randomly given to a firm at Lucknow at a high price thus delaying works of the University.
The functioning of the University, issue of the certificate and other administrative activities were affected as Prof Pandey centralized all works and all important offices were managed by in charge officials appointed by Prof Pandey.
Normal examinations, admission process have all been postponed affecting the academic career of the students as the VC was not available in office it was alleged.
Members of Manipur University Students’ Union said Prof Pandey has no time for academic activities and spent more than Rs 60 lakhs to purchase a car and roam around the University with security personnel.
Even during the period of stay in Manipur the VC was charged of coming to office only after office hour and spending time with contractors and suppliers.
Congress party has already urged the President to intervene in the interest of the students.
Delegations of Congress, students’ bodies to New Delhi regarding the matter had failed to resolve the crisis as the center has not acted and all crucial examinations, admission processes suspended.
The Manipur State Secretariat of CPI (Marxist), Secretary Kshetrimayum Shanta what is taking place in the University is only Saffronisation of education in Manipur.
The party strongly condemned the attitude of the Ministry of Human Resources (HRD) and including UGC for patronizing Saffronisation of the principal seat of learning in Manipur.
The party called upon the students, staff and teaching communities of the University to continue and expose the diabolic designs of Vice -Chancellor and his cohorts till their demand for the resignation of the VC is made.
Prof.Pandey was selected as Vice-chancellor of Manipur University in October 2016 under the dictate of RSS/BJP and joined the post in December 2016 it was added.
All academic activities stopped due to alleged financial misappropriation of the University, the LL.
M, MA Fine Arts, MEd courses were withdrawn in 2017 and no regular examinations for Myanmar Studies, Human Rights etc. were conducted according to the schedule.
The VC was also charged with misusing funds by donating huge amounts to a section of students Organisation to which he was a supporter to please his saffron masters. (Agencies)