Students rally against influx of illegal immigrants; Demands inclusion of Dimapur under ILP regime

Students rally against influx of illegal immigrants; Demands inclusion of Dimapur under ILP regime
Braving rains hundreds of people participated in the rally against illegal immigration at Kohima on Friday. (Page Photo)

Kohima, August 24: The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today organised a public procession against influx of alleged immigrants and to demand enforcing Inner Line Permit in the entire State.
Braving the downpour, several hundreds of people from all walks of life participated in the procession from the Naga Club to the official residence of the Chief Minister where they also submitted a memorandum asking the Government to workout action plan to check the influx of people in the State and enforcing ILP in the entire State. Currently Dimapur is not covered by the ILP which has paved the way for easy entry of outsiders into the State.
NSF said during the first phase of extensive verification to check influx of illegal immigrants and ILP defaulters in various districts it was found that ILP was not properly implemented and the influx of immigrants was posing the biggest demographic threat to the indigenous inhabitants of the State.
The memorandum cautioned that lack of stringent implementation of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 and the exclusion of Dimapur District from preview of ILP have made the Dimapur District a safe haven for illegal immigrants.
Further the NSF pointed out that without any doubt an overwhelming population with questionable identities are inhabiting in Dimapur District which was evident as most of them do not possess any documents of their identification proof.
Also if Dimapur was allowed to be converted to a melting pot, overwhelmed by people with questionable identities, the rest of Nagaland in particular and the North Eastern hills will be illegally dominated, threatening the identity, culture and the survival and would result in societal destruction.
Citing all the consequences, NSF demanded that Dimapur District be included within the preview of ILP as per the provision for extension of the inner Line which is provided in the Bengal Eastern frontier regulation 1873, in the interest to protect the welfare and future of the younger generation.
NSF president Kesosul Christopher Ltu in his brief address outside the Naga Club said several representations, memorandum, reminders were served but state government had failed time and again that compelled the citizens to seek solution in the street. First phase of checking alleged immigrants and ILP holders, the rally was the second phase, to submit a reminder memorandum to the chief minister.
“Government machineries had miserably failed to monitor the implementation of ILP, the check gates remains ineffective, no record of how many people have entered or left the state” Ltu said. He said some are in the State even without ILP, adding for Naga people to visit other states, before visiting, they have to have ILP in their possession but for them, they are least bothered.
“Some are conveniently living with an expired ILP, entered through a meagre amount of Rs 300-500,” he added.
“Our own Naga people are acting as middle-man, collecting ILP from different people and approach the district administration officials and they renew their ILP and return the ILP with a commission of Rs 50 or Rs 100,” the NSF President said. He warned that anyone found playing the role of middle-man if caught, will be dealt in befitting manner, and will not allow to compromise Naga future.
Member NSF ILP committee Neichute Doulo in his address said NSF has the right to support the state government to effectively enforce the ILP regime and government should take the NSF and civil societies into confidence in making the ILP regime efficient and effective. He was confident that government will protect and enhance the interest of the people. “The problem of illegal immigration of Bangladeshi, (IBIS) in India is neither a new thing nor will it become a past in the near future,” he said.
“Present generation had witness to what had happened in Tripura and Assam and can also see how demographic imbalance in Meghalaya and Manipur led to civil bloodbath and the violent conflicts of IBIs issue will continue to haunt not just the north eastern region of India, but even Myanmar,” Doulo said.
Later a delegation comprising the NSF and its federating units including the All Nagaland College Students’ Union submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister through Advisor to CM, Viketol Sakhrie and impressed upon the Advisor about the existing exigency regarding stringent implementation of the Inner Line Permit including the need to bring Dimapur under the purview of the same to check illegal immigration into the State.
The delegation also highlighted in brief their activities in checking ILP defaulters and appealed to the Government of Nagaland to take up all necessary measures in this regard particularly by streamlining the ILP issuing mechanisms and sensitization of the various District Administrations in the State.
A Chief Minister’s Office release said Advisor to the Chief Minister appreciated the concern and efforts of the student bodies in addressing the problem. He also conveyed the appreciation of the Chief Minister in the matter and stated that this was a common problem which has the potential to impact our future generations and emphasized on the urgent need for all sections of the society to work collectively to address this problem for the sake of posterity.
The Advisor assured that the State Government is working with all seriousness on the matter and that the Chief Minister will call for a joint consultative meeting with all stakeholders in the near future.